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Get a taste of Fins' unique culinary culture during the Sarasota-Manatee Originals "Original Eats" Event! From this Friday, January 15th through Sunday, January 31st, you can embark on an epicurean adventure throughout the area to discover dishes distinct to participating Originals restaurants, their characters and their people. Join us at Fins for lunch or dinner and experience our signature small plate, the Josper Grilled Octopus, pictured below. It's been on our menu since we opened in December of 2013! 

Fins Octopus

What makes our Josper Grilled Octopus unique? 

First, we add delicious flavor to the dish by boiling the octopus in vegetable, red wine and wine corks. Why wine corks? Our theory is that enzymes in the wine corks help tenderize the octopus. 

Second, we rub the octopus with olive oil, then grill it in our Josper Oven for more fantastic flavor.

Call us at 941-999-3467 or visit our website to reserve your table and give our Josper Grilled Octopus a try!


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